Helping High Performing Teams
Tackle Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Edge


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How can your powerful players evolve into a team that refuses to be sidetracked by new technologies, systems, or growth pressures?

Would your team run through a brick wall for your company, or take a knee to think about it?

Jacob Green knows about beatdowns and how to rise up after one… or twelve. His engaging talks don’t just inspire for a day or two. They motivate your best performers for the long haul, so they don’t wander over to the competition when the beatdowns pile up. Better still… he brings tools that make responding to workplace stress/chaos second nature to your team.  Jacob gives superstars the tools they need to power through today’s challenges, keeping your team not only intact, but loyal and unstoppable.


“Jacob did a fabulous job presenting his story at our offsite…genuine, passionate, authentic.  He made a powerful impression on so many from the Barbie team…myself included.”

Evelyn Mazzocco
SVP & Global Brand General Manager

Barbie – Mattel, Inc.

“Jacob’s compelling story of hope and resiliency was inspiring message that provided an invaluable perspective to our audience of health care professionals.”

Dr. Michael A. Lobatz, MD
Vice President of Medical Affairs

Medical Director, Scripps Rehabilitation Center

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Helping High Performing Teams
Tackle Today's Challenges for Tomorrow's Edge
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