Keynote Speaking

Every audience can count on an invaluable experience that blends storytelling from Jacob’s experience as an executive, governing thousands of employees, in combination with an inspirational message about overcoming any obstacle and every adversity. Jacob is committed to delivering extremely personalized keynotes that inspires, motivates, and relates to every member in the audience. Get the booster shot your audience needs by selecting Jacob to be your keynote speakers at your next event.

See Change Clearly

Conquering Change for Competitive Advantage

After hearing the keynote, managers will:

  • See a fired-up team with the ability to protect that fire that is always threatened in today’s changing economy.
  • Have an authentic, fresh message to carry forward that will sustain…instead of being left to tired rallying cries.
  • See in real time engagement, the effects of Jacob’s impactful story on the audience.
  • Hear from individual staff how the talk sticks with them over the long term.
  • Enjoy the lower attrition rate of their best performers who no longer see change as something to avoid, but as something to clearly conquer.

See Culture Clearly

Make Your High-Performance Team Unstoppable

After hearing the keynote, managers will:

  • Learn the three steps necessary to recover from organizational crisis.
  • See how to turn soul-crushing individual experiences into shared team triumphs over any challenge, personal or professional.
  • Understand the need for, and steps involved in, rebuilding an organization with insights from all levels of the workforce.
  • Drop old fears about company adversity from the past, then leverage those impactful stories into a foundation for strength and clear organizational vision.

See Health Clearly

How Healthcare Professionals Can Restore Hope & Purpose for Patient Success

After hearing the keynote, healthcare professionals will:

  • See patients incorporate compensatory strategies faster and more effectively.
  • Help patients develop tools for a smoother rehabilitation journey.
  • Gain fresh compensatory strategies and skills to pass on to their patients.
  • Be reinvigorated with their new toolkit; helping them reconnect with the purpose behind their role as healthcare provider and healer.
See Change Clearly Book and Background by Jacob Green

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