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See Change Clearly

Conquering Change for Competitive Advantage

After the training, managers will:

  • See a fired-up team with the ability to protect that fire that is always threatened in today’s changing economy.
  • Have an authentic, fresh message to carry forward that will sustain…instead of being left to tired rallying cries.
  • See in real time engagement, the effects of Jacob’s impactful story on the audience.
  • Hear from individual staff how the talk sticks with them over the long term.
  • Enjoy the lower attrition rate of their best performers who no longer see change as something to avoid, but as something to clearly conquer.

See Culture Clearly

Make Your High-Performance Team Unstoppable

After the training, managers will:

  • Learn the three steps necessary to recover from organizational crisis.
  • See how to turn soul-crushing individual experiences into shared team triumphs over any challenge, personal or professional.
  • Understand the need for, and steps involved in, rebuilding an organization with insights from all levels of the workforce.
  • Drop old fears about company adversity from the past, then leverage those impactful stories into a foundation for strength and clear organizational vision.

See Health Clearly

How Healthcare Professionals Can Restore Hope & Purpose for Patient Success

After the training, healthcare professionals will:

  • See patients incorporate compensatory strategies faster and more effectively.
  • Help patients develop tools for a smoother rehabilitation journey.
  • Gain fresh compensatory strategies and skills to pass on to their patients.
  • Be reinvigorated with their new toolkit; helping them reconnect with the purpose behind their role as healthcare provider and healer.
See Change Clearly Book and Background by Jacob Green

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